Friday, March 25, 2011

Almost There!

Well, this was quite the week. It started, for me, with a stomach flu and for hubby, a trip to get gingerale!
I'm still aiming to stick with my Reduced Budget for March ($137.03).  That means that I only had $45.11 left until April 1st! Scroll down to see if I'm still within my budget!

Are you ready for the totals?............

Total Spending this week = $29.86
Total Savings this week = $204.44 or 87% Savings
Total Spending March = $121.78
Total Savings March = $904.39 or 88% Savings
Reduced Budget for March = $137.03
Remaining Budget for March = $15.25
Can I do it?  Yes, I Can!
Reduced Budget for March = $137.03
Remaining Budget for March = $45.11

Lack of Motivation

Do you ever reach the point where you can't decide if your heart is really in something?  That's where I am with this little blog.  I like it when I can find the time, but lately that seems less and less.  And, as a result, my posts are few and far in-between.  I'm not sure where things will head, but for the time being I will at least try and post Wednesday Tip Day (though that didn't happen this week).  I also like to post my shopping trips because it keeps me accountable.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Odds and ends! wk ending 3/18/11

Well, this week was interesting.  I've just totaled up my receipts and this was one of those weeks when I spent more than I realized.  Lots of little trips add up!  I'm still aiming to stick with my Reduced Budget for March ($137.03).  That means that I only have $45.11 left until April 1st!  A lot of what I purchased this week were odds and ends.  The deals were not that great this week, but I had Ups expiring at Rite Aid and CATS that needed to be used at Shoprite.

Total Spending March = $91.92
Total Savings March = $699.95 or 88% Savings
Reduced Budget for March = $137.03
Remaining Budget for March = $45.11

What were your best deals last week?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Tip Day- Don't be shy!

DD 5 recently required attention to some very dry patches of skin.  Her pediatrician recommended Aquaphor.  Since, I knew I wouldn't have time to wait for a sale, I asked the desk for samples on the way out of the office.  They were very generous and gave me samples totaling 2.52 oz.  I thanked them profusely for two reasons.  One- I didn't need to run right to the store. Two- It saved me at least $5.  I often asked for formula checks and samples when my girls were young and I'm not afraid to ask now.  A little polite question can save so much money!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


There weren't a ton of great deals this week, but that was ok with me!  I had dollar days CATS to use up, so I purchased some items that were needed including toilet paper, vinegar and yogurt.  I stopped in to Adams for the cheap strawberries and green beans and found a pineapple on mark-down for 99c.  I also made another stop at Stop & Shop to take advantage of the cereal and milk deal.  We needed a new Brita water pitcher and grabbed a bunch of the freebies available at Target while we were there. Actually, we got enough overage on that trip to bring the price of the pitcher down to around $8.

Total Spending Week 2 = $8.27
Total Savings Week 1 = $117.34 or 93% Savings

Total Spending March = $60.98
Total Savings March = $355.79 or 85% Savings

Remaining Budget for March = $76.05

What were your best deals last week?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday Tip Day: Storage of Produce

My instinct tells me to put my fruits and veggies in the fridge, but that's not always the best way to store produce.
Bananas- Store on a separate plate in a cool dry place.  The low temperatures of the fridge speed up spoilage.
Cucumbers- Store in a plastic shopping bag.  The fridge makes them watery.
Potatoes- The fridge causes the starch to turn into sugar and they will be too sweet once cooked.
Tomatoes- Keep in a spot away from windows.  The cool air of the fridge dulls the flavor and increases acidity.

Source: November Family Circle Magazine

What other tips to you use for storing produce?

Adams Deals 3/8/11-3/10/11--cheap strawberries!

99c/lb- Green Beans
2/$3- 1lb boxes Strawberries (must buy 2)

For the full ad visit Adams' website!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Shopping Round-Up wk ending 3/4/11----ready for a breather!

It's the end of week two of Dollar Days at Shoprite and I've ready for a break!  The OOP for this week was higher than usual, but the next few weeks should be nice and low as I use up my Catalinas!
Total Spending Week 1 = $52.71
Total Savings Week 1 = $238.45 or 82% Savings

I was $61.71 over budget for February and $1.26 over in January, so I'm aiming for $137.03 for the five weeks that make up my March budget(2/26-4/1).  If I can make it that would bring my average budget goal of $40/week back into check.  That means that after this week's spending I only have $84.32 left.
I CAN DO IT! Check back in as I make my best efforts to get back in check.

Adams Farms Deals 3/4/11-3/7/11

69c/lb- Yams
99c/lb- Green Beans
99c/lb- Broccoli
99c/lb- Plum Tomatoes

For the full ad visit Adams website!

Wednesday Tip Day: Milk and Sweet N'Low for your Hair Coloring...

Ok, so another week where I haven't been able to get the Wednesday tip out until Friday...maybe, I should make it a Friday Tip!?
It's no surprise to any of us that coloring your hair at home can save tons of money, but this "old trade secret" is a surprise to me!
Protect your scalp from the chemicals in hair dye by adding two packets of Sweet'N Low and one ounce of skim milk to your coloring formula before applying. 
According to Redbookmag it works!