Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spectacular Savings: I haven't disappeared and I haven't stopped shopping

Well, many areas of the Hudson Valley were affected by Hurricane Irene.  We were lucky to have almost no damage to our home, but we did lose power and services.  They were initially restored, but then we lost internet again.  So, I haven't been blogging but I have been shopping and much of that shopping has been needs not deals. Don't get me wrong, I've been shopping for bargains, but after losing most of my freezer stock after the storm, I needed to re-stock.

Here's my recent shopping:

Total Spent: $40.87
Total Saved: $52.50 or 56% Savings

Total Spending September (September 3- 30)= $40.87
Total Savings September = $52.50 or 56% Savings
Total Remaining September = $119.13

Since I was offline I didn't post my month end totals for August.
I only made one trip that last week spending $7.82 and saving $24.01 which makes these my totals for the month...
Total Spending August= $112.05
Total Savings August = $369.51 or 77% Savings
Remember, I've trimmed my August budget to account for July's overspending. $175 for the month (July 30th- September 2).
Under budget by $62.95. I have a feeling I'll use that up in September to re-stock my freezer!

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