Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shoprite Printable Only Match-ups wk of 8/1-8/7

FREE- International Delights Creamers 99c-55c/1 IP
97c/6 or ~17c each - Libby's Canned Vegetables 2/99c, Buy6 - (2) $1/3 IPs
99c-Blue Diamond Nut Thins 99c- 50c/1 IP

Catalina Deal: Dan-o-nino
FINAL COST $3/5packs
$2 each- Dan-o-nino
$1/1 IP
Buy 5, use 4 Qs (most stores limit 4 like Qs)
$6, receive $3 Cat

Did you find a great printable coupon to match up with this week's sales?

I'd love to hear from you!

A 2 week round up of shopping trips 7/17-7/23 and 7/24-7/30

I'm not even sure what I've spent in the last two weeks, so this post is a good way of forcing myself to check up on my spending for the month.

Adams: $2.74

Shoprite: $14.34
Walmart: $1.55

Adams: $2.97
Mother Earth's : $10.10

Shoprite: $8.18

Aldi: $4.15

Total Spent = $44.03
Total Saved = $80.49 or 65%

That was week 3 of my July Spending.
July's Budget (July 3rd- July 30th) $160
July's wk 1 & 2 spending = $43.13
July's Total Spending = $87.16
Remaining Budget for July = $72.84

Adams: $18.96
(missing from this picture is 20lbs of Chicken Leg Quarters)
Walmart: $7.72
Aldi: $0.65
(bananas - already 39c/lb and special B1G1!)
CVS: $0.40
Shoprite: $1.50
(yogurt on manager's special 67c, plus I had a $1/2 Q)
Shoprite: $0.50
(I couldn't resist more cheap yogurt, so I grabbed more Qs and headed back to the store!)
Shoprite: $2.66
Walmart: $0.85

Total Spent = $33.24
Total Saved = $165.10 or 83%

July's Budget (July 3rd- July 30th) $160
July's wk 1- 3 spending = $87.16
July's Total Spending = $120.40
Under Budget by $39.60!!!

I've been so busy that I haven't been chasing as many sales.  On the down side, my stockpile is a little lower than I prefer it be.  On the up side, I haven't been shopping as much!
I mentioned earlier in the month that I was low on staples and I did manage to get some spices and flour that I needed, but never did get that Olive Oil.

I'll be leaving August's budget (July 31-September 3) at $40/week or $200 for the month.
I was contemplating lowering the budget, but we have a bunch of BBQs and the like.  I'm hoping for some nice sales and coupons to rebuild my stockpile a little.  Our little garden is giving us some nice zucchinis and tomatoes, which should help keep the produce budget lower.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adams Farms KINGSTON Summer Expo - July 31st

Saturday, July 31 • 10:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.
1560 Ulster Avenue
Lake Katrine, NY 12449

• Food Sampling and Demos throughout the day in our Grocery Department
• Come in and have your gardening questions answered by knowledgeable representatives from
the following companies:
Scotts Co.
Jonathan Green
Holmes Farms Pond Supply
Bobbex Repellents
Ulster County Bee Keepers

• Meet the growers and see new varieties for 2011 from Mark Adams Greenhouses
• Product Demos in our Housewares Department


10:00 ~ 11:30
Bugs, Slugs and Other Thugs
With Greg Draiss. Controlling pests in your lawn and garden

12:30 ~ 2:00
Pond Care
With Shane Burke. Learn how to start and maintain your garden pond through the seasons.

3:00 ~ 4:30
Planting a Fall Garden: Vegetables and Flowers
With Mark Adams
Stop by for lunch from 11:00 ~ 3:00 at the Adams BBQ!
Hamburgers ~ Hotdogs ~ Beverages

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Tip Day---Produce and Baking Soda

Add  a bit of baking soda to your vegetable scrub brush  to remove wax and chemicals from produce.

For more ideas on baking soda visit the Arm & Hammer website.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Plan 7/26-8/1

MONDAY- Potato & Zucchini Curry
TUESDAY- Pesto Pasta with Chicken Nuggets
WEDNESDAY- Leftovers
THURSDAY- Mini Meatloaves with Roasted Potatoes
FRIDAY- Tilapia with Couscous and Cajun Style Zucchini & Onions
SATURDAY- Leftovers
SUNDAY- Chicken on the Grill
I'm loving making fresh Pesto!
Now if only I could resist long enough to get some put away for the winter!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shoprite Printable Only Match-Ups wk of 7/25-7/31

Free-Rayovac batteries (AA or AAA) 99c- $1/1 IP
3/$2- Yo Plus Yogurt 3/$5 - (3) 50c/1 IP

4 DAY PRICE BREAK(wed-sat)
Free- Whole Fruit Bars 88c-50c/1 IP

I'm not seeing a whole lot here, but I will keep looking!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Adams Farms Deals 7/23-7/26

39c/lb- Local Cabbage
79c/lb- Peaches
79c/lb- Yellow Squash or Zucchini
99c/lb- Local Green Beans
99c/lb- Nectarines
99c each-Grape Tomatoes

39c/lb-Whole Chicken Legs with Backs
$1.99/lb- Sirloin Tip London Broil

For the full ad visit Adams website!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Children's Life in the 18th Century- Germantown, NY --- July 24th

Saturday, July 24th @ 11am
One Clermont Avenue
Germantown, NY 12526
Phone - (518) 537-4240

Children's Life and Games in the 18th Century:
Learn about the lives of children 200 years ago. Try out their chores, clothes, and games.
Recommended for children 7-12. Program is free to all.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reducing Dampness in your Closet

I found this tidbit in the July 16th USA Weekend Magazine and thought it was perfect given the humidity and back to school sales ;) !!!

Stacey Platt, author of What's a Disorganized Person To Do? recommends tying together several pieces of chalk and hanging them from the ceiling of your closet to reduce humidity.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Paper Cloth Making - Gardiner, NY --- July 20th

Tuesday, July 20th
133 Farmer's Turnpike
Gardiner, NY 12525
(845) 255-1255  

Kids will learn to make paper cloth with Nicole Lane, children's librarian. Become aware of the excessive amounts of packaging used for everyday items with Laura Conner, Minnewaska State Park Preserve Educator. Reuse a varierty of materials to create beautiful paper cloth.
Please pre-register by calling (845)255-1255.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Menu Plan 7/19-7/25

MONDAY- Spaghetti & Meatballs with Salad
TUESDAY- Chicken Enchiladas with Zucchini
WEDNESDAY- Leftovers
THURSDAY- Turkey Burgers & Dogs with Potato Salad
FRIDAY- Sausage & Pasta Bake
SATURDAY- Pizza on the Grill
SUNDAY- Terriyaki Chicken with Pasta Salad & veggies

What are your favorite summertime recipes?
The heat makes me want out of the kitchen!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shopping Trips wk of 7/10-7/16---I spent $10.26!

I can't beleive I only spent $10.26 on groceries this week!
I'm sure I'll make up for it in the next week or so.

Shoprite: $0.32
CVS: $2.01

Shoprite: $0.64
Aldi: $4.36

Hannaford: $1.64
Aldi: $1.29

Total Spent = $10.26
Total Saved = $124.68 or 92%!!!

This is week 2 of my July Spending.
July's Budget (July 3rd- July 30th) $160
wk 1 spending = $32.87
July's Total Spending = $43.13
Remaining Budget for July = $116.87

I'm off to a great start this month and feeling pretty good.  My pantry is pretty well stocked, although, I do need a few staples like Olive Oil.  In other great news our zucchini plants have been producing beautiful zucchinis, which will help keep our produce budget lower.

How was your shopping week?

Shoprite Printables ONLY Match-Ups 7/18-7/24

Here's a Start to next week's Printable Match-Ups. 

49c- Old Cape Cod Dressing 99c-$1/2 IP
50c each WYB2-Wishbone Dressings 2/$3 MB2 - 50c/1 IP
77c-Heluva Good Cheese $1.77-50c/1 IP
$1.99-Weaver Chicken 20-28oz bag $2.99-$1/1 IP

Find a deal you want to share?  We'd all love to hear about it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Adams Farms Deals 7/16-7/19

99c/each- Cantaloupe

99c/lb-Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs
$1.79/lb- 85% Lean Ground Chuck
$1.99/lb-Texas Style Round Steak

For the full ad visit Adams website!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Congratulations to Sandra! You've won the Good Earth Dinner Kit Give-Away!!!

Sandra said... I love grilled chicken salads for a healthy restaurant meal!

I've contacted you via email, so check your inbox!
You have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be selected.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday Tip Day---Many uses of Flour!

I came across these great tips recently:


1-Clean your playing cards.  Put your cards in a plastic bag with 1/2c flour and shake for about 1 minute.  Remove the cards and shuffle several times over the sink to remove any flour residue.

2- Unstick a Lid.  Dip the edge of a plastic lid that's too sticky into flour to prevent future sticking.

3- Clean Heavy, White Fabrics.  Spot-clean heavier white fabrics by rubbing flour into the dirt and then brushing to clean.

4- Mix Up Some Glue.  Make up craft glue for projects by mixing 1 part flour with 3 parts water.  Boil, stirring, until it becomes paste.  Make certain to store in the fridge.

5- Make play-dough.  Knead together 1c water, 3c flour and 1tsp vegetable oil.  Add color if desired.  Store in the fridge wrapped in plastic and moisten as necessary.

Article from WomansDay Magazine May 2009

Monday, July 12, 2010

FDR and the Post Office- July 14th Poughkeepsie, NY

photo credit:

LaGrange Association Library
488 Freedom Plains Rd No. 109
Poughkeepsie, NY
6:30 PM-8:00 PM

Franklin D. Roosevelt's interest in stamp collecting began at a young age and he embraced the hobby as a means to bolster his interest in geography and world history. Find out more of this fascinating story from local author Tony Musso as he shares his new book "FDR and the Post Office."

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Menu Plan Week of 7/12-7/18

MONDAY- Leftover Chicken from Sunday
TUESDAY- Sweet Potato Chili
WEDNESDAY- Ground Turkey Tacos w/ Leftover Chili
THURSDAY- Tilapia w/ Rice and veggies
FRIDAY- Turkey Burgers w/ Pasta Salad
SATURDAY- Pizza on the Grill
SUNDAY- Mediterranean Chicken (check back soon for this recipe)

Our garden is now producing beautiful zucchini in abundance.
What are your favorite recipes that feature zucchini???

Shoprite Printable Only Match-Ups 7/11-7/17

FREE-Bailey's Creamers 99c- $1/1 IP
49c each WYB2- Right Guard Total Defense 5 $1.99 - $3/2 IP
50c-Del Monte Smoothies $1.50- $1/1 IP
89c-Chock Full O Nuts Coffee $1.99-55c/1 IP
99c-Raisinets 6pk $1.99- $1/1 IP
99c-Right Guard Total Defense 5 $1.99-$1/1 IP
$1.50 each WYB2- Cherry Raisinets 2/$5- $1/1 IP 
$1.50-Shady Brook Farms Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage $2.50-$1/1 IP
$2.99-New England Coffee $3.99-50c/1 IP

Did you find a great deal???
Share it with us in the comments!

Good Earth Give-Away End tonight @ 8pm EST!!!

This is your last chance to enter!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shopping Wk of 7/3-7/9-----Not a bad start to the month!

Adams: $11.43 (I'll submit for a $6 rebate on the fish, but won't count it until I get it)
Walmart: $2.36

Hannaford: $2.14
I don't normally shop Hannaford but there have been some great store brand coupons available lately!

Aldi: $1.28

CVS: $0.41
Hannaford: $0.29
Shoprite: $6.89
Walmart: $0.27

CVS: $2.18
Adams: $5.53
Hannaford: $0.09

Total Spent = $32.87
Total Saved = 75.25 or 70%

July's Budget (July 3rd- July 30th) $160
July's Spending = $32.87
Remaining Budget for July = $127.13

Adams Deals 7/9-7/12

79c/lb- zucchini
99c/lb- peaches
99c/lb- on the vine tomato clusters
99c/lb- green peppers
$1.39/lb- red grapes
99c/bunch- local leaf lettuce/romaine
$1.49 each cantaloupe

65c/lb- Grade A chicken drums

For the full ad head on over to Adams website!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Menu Plan wk of 7/5-7/11

MONDAY- Teriyaki Salmon with Zucchini and Rice
TUESDAY- Pasta & Sausage Bake with salad
WEDNESDAY- Orange Chicken with Green Beans and Rice
THURSDAY- Spaghetti & Meatballs with salad
FRIDAY- Leftovers
SATURDAY- Chicken on the Grill with Pasta Salad
SUNDAY- Chicken and Vegetables in Tomato Sauce

What's your favorite easy marinade for chicken on the grill???

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shoprite Printable only Match-Ups wk of 7/4-7/10

Alright, this is a pretty dismal sales ad.

Please don't laugh at this post!

40c - Yoplait Greek Yogurt  $1-30c/1 IP

Please, pretty please, share your deals if you find any!!! 


Friday, July 2, 2010

Shopping Totals 6/26-7/2---With Month End Totals

Well, here's this week's shopping!  The sales are pretty slow in my opinion, but I'm welcoming the break in chasing deals!  I finished the month under budget, so that is great!

Walmart: $0.80

Adams: $5.25
Aldi: $2.48
Shoprite: $8.66

Shoprite: $4.40

Adams: $7.24
Shoprite: $1.04

Shoprite: $0.96

Total Spending = $30.83
Total Savings = $115.55 or 79%

June's Budget $200 (May 29th-July2nd)
June's Total Spending = $154.50
June's Total Savings = $493.55 or 76%
I finished the month $45.50 under budget!!!

I'll be sticking with a budget averaging $40/wk for the month of July.
We are low on snack crackers and some pantry staples (white vinegar, baking soda and cumin are at the top of the list right now), so I'm pretty certain we'll use up all that budgeted money!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good Earth Give-Away

There's usually at least one night a week that I most certainly do not want to be bothered with time consuming kitchen prep for cooking a nice meal.
On those nights, I appreciate a convenience meal of some sort.

With appetizing entrées from Good Earth, dining in is sure to become the new dining out. Enjoy cooking a sophisticated, restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of your own home. Each variety includes vibrant and flavorful sauces along with specialty ingredients like sweet basil, white wine and dried tomatoes. Delicious dinners that allow you to keep a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste, Good Earth dry dinner kits are perfect for whipping up a no-fail, five-star cuisine in less than 30 minutes.

100% whole grain, no trans fat, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, no MSG - just add meat and, voila! Dinner is served.

When Good Earth and My Blog Spark presented the opportunity to try the Mediterranean Chicken I was happy to give it a go.  As I began to prepare the meal, I must admit, I felt like I might be disappointed.  It seemed like the portions were too small and I'm always hesitant about premixed seasonings.  I must also admit that I was pleasantly surprised that neither of my pre-conceived notions came to fruition.
The Mediterranean Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta was amazing.  The seasoning was fresh and earthy ( a great thing from a company with the name Good Earth) and the portions were just right.  Even my husband, who dislikes most sauces, was loving this!  This was a delicious, quick and easy meal.
The only trouble I had with the kit was that there were 2 packets of "cream sauce".  There was no indication as to whether there were supposed to be 2 and nothing in the instructions that clarified that either.  I used both packets, but am still uncertain as to whether I simply got an extra packet or this was in fact supposed to be presented in this way.  Good Earth may want to clarify this in their packing.

Good Earth dry dinner kits offer a selection of four delectable meals: Mediterranean Chicken with angel hair pasta, Spicy Citrus Glazed Shrimp with angel hair pasta, Herb Crusted Chicken with mushroom risotto and Tuscan Chicken with penne pasta.

In addition to the Dinner Kit and Gift Pack I received, Good Earth has offered one reader a Dinner Kit and Gift Pack through MyBlogSpark™.

To enter leave a comment sharing your favorite healthy, restaurant style meal.

You can receive additional entries:1 additional entry for each of the below

Follow me and leave a comment letting me know you do so!

If you were to purchase only one Good Earth Dinner Kit, what one would it be?

Don't forget to include your email, so I may contact you!

This contest will end on July 11th at 8:00 PM EST. The winner will be selected by and contacted via email and must respond within 72 hours of the email or a new winner will be selected.

Good Earth provided me with the free Mediterranean Chicken Dinner Kit, information and gift pack through MyBlogSpark™.

Stop & Shop 7/2- 7/8----Organic ketchup! and FREE organic drinks!

If you've read my blog, you know I don't  like HFCS and for that reason primarily purchase organic ketchup, although I have been informed that Hunts now makes a HFCS free ketchup.

Want to score some Organic Ketchup for a decent price:

Nature's Promise Organic Ketchup is on sale starting tomorrow at Stop & Shop for $1.79.

While you are there, make sure to pick up some FREE Honest Teas.
On sale $1 - 50c/1 IP doubled

Adams Deals 7/1-7/5

99c/box-grape tomatoes
99c/lb- local green beans
$1.49/pint- NJ blueberries

$1.19/lb-bone in chicken breast

For the full ad visit Adams website!

Millbrook Arts Group Summer Concerts!!!

All Concerts at 7PM at the Band Shell unless otherwise described
Franklin Ave., Millbrook, NY 12545

Saturday, July 3rd Big Band Sound - Concert sponsored by the LIONS
“Journey Back to the Big Band Era”

Saturday, July 17th Thunder Ridge
“Kickin' New Country & Country Rock”

Saturday, July 31th Boreal Tordu
“Original & Traditional Music of Acadian Maineiacs”

Saturday Aug 14th Dr. Peter Muir, Steve Fabrizio, and Barbara Rankin
“A Celebration of Classic Singers & Music”

Saturday Aug 28th Shorty King's Clubhouse
“Jump, Swing, Rhythm & Blues of from the Vault”
Saturday Sept 11th Stolen Heart (Millbrook Village green at 5pm)
“Contemporary and Classic Country Music”

For more information visit the Millbrook Arts Group website!