Friday, October 30, 2009

10/24-10/29 Shopping Week- Carnation, Huggies, and Walgreens Oh My!

Since I am still new to posting my shopping trips, I am experimenting with format/layout and how I want to calculate my week (I am thinking Saturday to Friday.....)
I decided to skip the detailed post of each individual shopping trip and post some totals instead.

Stores: Shoprite, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target and Big Lots
(DD1YO had a doc appt in a nearby town that has a Big Lots....I love to see what I can find....this week it was Organic tomatoes for $1-did you see the size of those cans!!!????)

Overall I was very pleased this week to be able to stock up on carnation evaporated milk!
I was also excited about the glass food storage bowls that I found on clearance at Walgreens for $2.50!!
Total Cash Spent: $54.82
RRs Used: $46.50
RRs Earned: $46.00

Adams Farms Deals 10/30-11/2

This is a great sale ad!!!
Here are some of the highlights!
For the full ad go here...

Local Apples..................................79¢/lb

Ripe, Bartlett & Bosc Pears...............79¢/lb

Lemons...............3 FOR 99¢

Extra Large, Green Peppers............................79¢/lb

Red Peppers........................$1.49/lb

Avocados..................79¢ each

Green & Yellow Squash..................................79¢/lb

On the Vine, Cluster Tomatoes................99¢/lb

Shoprite Sales wk of 11/1-11/7

Free - Starkist Chunk Lt Sandwich Ready Tuna
$1.25 use 75c/1 9/20RP
Free - Playtex Handsavers 99c use $1/1 6/28SS
Free-OikosYogurt $1use $1/1 9/27SS or 50c/1 IP here
Thanks to Amiyrah for catching this great yogurt deal!
49c - Each WYB 2 Lindsay sliced Olives 99c use $1/2 IP here
49c - Gold Medal 5lb unbleached flour $1.49 use .50/1 IP here
49c - Each WYB 2 - Carnation Evap Milk 99c use $1/2 IP here
50c - Each WYB 2 - Hunt's Tomatoes 28-29oz $1 use 50c/2 IP here

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Win a Year of Free Cleaning!!!!

Go here and register to win a Year of Free Cleaning ($3500) from Merry Maids!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Adams Farms Deals 10/27-10/29

A few good deals worth mentioning at Adams:

Yellow & Zucchini Squash 79c/lb
Sweet, Juicy, Bosc & Bartlett Pears 79¢ lb
Green Peppers 79c/lb

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is my Very First Meal Planning Post.
I've done a variety of meal plans in the past.
I've found that for our family it works best to only plan dinners and let all other meals evolve.  We have a variety of stand-bys that work as our breakfast and lunch meals and require no official planning.

Monday-leftover Spanish Braised Chicken
Tuesday- DDs-Turkey Hot Dogs, frozen corn, and brown rice
Myself and DH will be eating take-out from Ruby Tuesday
Wednesday- Whole grain spaghetti and zucchini
Thursday-Tilapia, Couscous and Salad
Friday- dinner at mom and dad's house
Saturday- dinner at mom and dad's house
Sunday- Steak Fajitas, Mexican Rice and Black Beans

For more Menu Planning Posts go here
and read or join in on MPM!

Spanish Braised Chicken with Green Olives and Rice

DH and I tried a new recipe tonight.  Thanks to DH for doing most of the cooking on this one!
It's a nice mild recipe and great as far as prep time, cook time, and clean up time.

Our dish didn't look as great as the TLC picture above......

and I just realized we were supposed to slice the olives (oops), but it tasted mighty delicious.


I woke to lovely sunshine instead of nasty rain and decided I should take advantage of the weather and hang out some clothes to dry. (Yes, that really is a pic of my clothes out to dry and I sit here and type this.) 
I must confess two things.
The first confession is that I LOVE TO HANG CLOTHES ON THE LINE!!!!!!
I know many people dread laundry, but it's one of the few chores that I really love.
The second confession is that with all of the horrible weather we had in the Hudson Valley this summer, I did not use my clothesline as much as I usually do.  It seemed every time I hung my clothes out, the sun would magically disappear and rain would pour down.

Are there money saving "chores" that you normally partake in, but have let slip lately?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Black Bear's Hudson Valley Tale- Field Trip Frugal Fun!

I took the girls to see Madera Vox's production
Black Bear's Hudson Valley Tale
which was performed as part of the Field Trip program at

The Center offers a variety of programming and is a tremendous asset to the community that is serves. Tickets for most Field Trip performances are just $6. This is such a great way to support the center's efforts as well as the artists performing there and
exposes children to the joy's of live theatre.
We were so fortunate to expereince the premiere of Black Bear.
This is a beautiful animated piece that brings Black Bear's story to life using creative musicality.
I must admit my favorite moment involved a didjeridoo disguised as a tugboat. (Now I know that will make you curious enough to go see this show!)

Adams Farms Deals 10/23-10/26

Bosch Pears 79c/lb
Yellow & Zucchini Squash 79c/lb
3lb bag yellow onions 99c
3lb bag tangerines $1.99

Friday, October 23, 2009

10/18-10/24 Shopping Wk---Lots of little trips this week!

This was a crazy week of running around.
It was some fun but now I need a nice slow sales week to kick back and enjoy all my Starbucks and olives (no, I'm not pregnant!).
I was very excited about the olives at Walgreens! DD1YO loves Olives!
Total Spent (Cash) = $76.30
Reaction: Shocked!
I forget how quickly all those small trips add up.
On the other hand we did buy quite a bit of meat, some chicken
and a few other great items for our stockpile.
Next week...less trips= less money spent!
I made a few more trips today, 10/23 and had a bit of fun with my dear friend D.
I rushed home for dinner and completely forgot to take pictures of my bounty.
TARGET 10/23
No detailed breakdown here, but highlights...
5 glade candle tins, 5 glade refills for tins
cheerios single serve cup, 2 healthy choice frozen
2 toaster struedel, 1/2 gal organic milk
2 dannon activia 4pks, 1 dove trial deodorant
1 crest kids trial toothpaste, 1 tide single load
Total = 8.13
Received (1) $5 GC
RITE AID 10/23
More Highlights....
Huggies P&N Jumbo, Coldcalm childrens
Zantac 150
Total = $13.33
used Gift Card from previous rebate so really zero cost
Will submit for rebates = $16.98
Another MM!
More Highlights....
2 8-pack water, 1 glade candle, 1 glade diffusers
8 carolina rice mixes, baby carrots
hot pockets
Total= $4.63
Walgreens 10/23
Did you guess??? More Highlights.....................
4 trident, 4 olives, 3 starbucks drinks, 1 halls refreshers
vaseline lotion, 1 caramel candy, zantac 150, chapstick
Total = $2.06
Total RRs used = $18
Total RRs received = $22
Another similar Wags trip to keep rolling those RRs!
I'm going to skip the details now and summarize.
Total Cash Paid = 33c!
Total RRs used = $8
Total RRs received= $12.50

(1) Zantac $8.99
(1) DM To Go $2.49
(1) Halls Refresh $1


(1) Zantac $5 IP
(1) $1 Halls refresh 9/27SS
(1) $6RR

Total= 48c
Received $9RR, $2.50RR, & $1RR

RITE AID 10/21

(1) Huggies Pure & Natural $8.99
(1) children's chloraseptic $4.49
(1) Sambucol $7.99


(1) $3 Huggies Pure Nat snail mail for joining at Huggies
(1) $3 Sambucol (found inside a previous box of Sambucol)
Total = $10.83
Paid with Gift Card from previous deals
Final Total= $$$0000

Will receive $4.49 and $7.99 in rebate checks

I'm working toward the Huggies rebate buy 5 get voucher for Free pack

Mother Earth's Storehouse 10/21

(1) bag of Organic Jasmine Rice @$2.49/lb
(1) bag of Organic Short Grain Brown Rice @$1.99/lb
(1) bunch of Organic bananas @49c/lb

Total = $16.74

Mother Earth's is where we buy bulk items. Mostly spices, salt, rice, and couscous.
They have an amazing cafe which is hard to resist while shopping.
This lovely store can definitely be a deal breaker for my budget!

(3) Glade Diffusion $4.49
(1) Santa Cruz Limeade $1.39
(1) Barilla Whole Grain Penne $1.25
(2) Starkist Pouches $1
(1) Starkist Can 67c
(1)Sierra Mist Cranberry $1.33 + 5c deposit
(1) small bag baby carrots

(3) $3 Any Glade Fragrance Collection IP (no longer available)
(1) Shoprite Store Q $1.06/1 Barilla
(1) Shoprite Store Q 81c/1 Starkist
(1) Shoprite Store Q $1.15/1 Pepsi brand 2 liter
(1) 25c/1 Pepsi brand product IP (no longer available) doubled
(1) Shoprite Store Q $1.30/1 carrots
(2) 10c bag credit

Total= $6.26 including tax

So, I had to cash in on these store coupons which require an additional $15 purchase. I decided to use some of the $3 Glade IPs since they are expiring on 10/31 and helped bring my total above $15. For some reason the Starkist Store Q attached to the pouch instead of the can and so I ended up getting some overage on that as well as from stacking the Pepsi Store Q with the MQ.


(4) Starkist Tuna Pouches $1
(2) Lean Pockets Bacon, Egg, and Cheese $1.99
(1) 5.45lb package of Bottom round Beef @99c/lb

(4) 50c/1 Starkist IP doubled
(2) 75c/1 Breakfast Hot Pockets doubled
(1) $5 ONYO Catalina from the Heinz Promo last week
(1) 5c bag credit

Total= $1.32

My mom wasn't planning to use her card for the limit 1 pkg bottom round, so I was able to get some more of this great deal on meat and freeze it.


(2) Hot Pockets Side Shots $1.99 each
(4) Starkist Albacore Pouch $1 each
(1) Loaf of Pumpernickel Rye Bread discounted to $1.14
(1) 5.54lb package of Bottom round Beef @99c/lb


(1) BOGO Hot Pockets SideShots (realized when I got home that the cashier entered $2.49 instead of the $1.99 sale price, so I actually got overage on this-this was a Catalina)
(1) $1.50 off any Hot Pockets SideShots
(4) 50c/1Starkist Pouch IP doubled

(2) bag credits 10c
(1) $5 ONYO Catalina from last week's Heinz Promo

TOTAL= $1.38

(1) Organic Sugar $1.88
(2) Huggies Flushable Wipes $1.64

(1) 30c/1 Domino Organic Sugar IP
(1) $3/2 Huggies Flushable Wipes Insert q

TOTAL inlcuding tax = $2.12


(4) Lindsay Olives 99c each
(2) 24ct Zantac 150 $8.99 each
(2) Starbucks 9.5oz $1.29 each
(1) Chapstick $2.99
(1)Reese's 69c
(2) Hall's Refresh $1 each
(6) Trident Layers $1 each
(3) carmel candies 35c each

(2) $1/2 Lindsay Olives IP

(2) $5/1 Zantac IP
(2) $1/1 Starbucks IP
(2)$1/2 Trident Layers IP

(1)75c/1 Trident Layers IP
(please note this coupon specifies one per household)
(1) $1RR

TOTAL including tax = $3.36

Received (2) $9RRs, (4)$1RRs, (1)$3RR

TARGET 10/18

(2) Minute Maid 10pk Juice Boxes $2.75
(2) Travel size (single load) Tide 99c
(3) Crest Smiley Grip Kids Travel packs 99c


(2) $1/1 ANY tide 9/27 PG
(3) $1/1 Crest Kids 9/27 PG

Total after qs including tax = $5.85

I normally don't buy juice boxes but we are responsible for snack at DD's pre-school tomorrow and they have a rain- date for a field trip so we had to plan a last minute portable snack instead of the usual big bottle of juice that we bring in.

(2) Pkg boneless chicken breast @ $1.39/lb
cashews $2.03 (DH's treat!)
Jalapeno Peppers 42c
(4) Cider Donuts 50c/each (we couldn't resist the smell from the bakery)
(1) tomato 43c
summer squash 53c
zucchini $1.55
(3) cucumbers 99c
(4) Idaho Potatoes $1.22
(4) Lemons $1.98

- (2) bag credits 10c

Total = $22.30

Adams is a Hudson Valley market with great produce (often local) and great poultry/meats.
We usually buy 40lb bulk bags of chicken breast and separate and freeze, but this $1.39/lb price is even better than the normal bulk rate!

CVS 10/18:

(4) 12 packs soda 4/$13
(1) Glade Fragrance Collection Item $6.99
(1) Glade Sense and Spray Starter Kit $5


CVS Flu clinic $5/$25
$3 Glade Fragrance 10/4 SS
$11.54 in ECBs

Total after Qs/ECBs including tax= $1.37
Received $6.99 and $3 ECBs

In fact all I paid OOP was tax!
CVS hasn't had the greatest deals IMHO lately, so I wanted to use up some of my ECBs on the Glade Fragrance and soda. We've been out of soda for a week and DH likes to have one a day!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shoprite Sales 10/25-10/31

FREE-Fisher Boy Fish Sticks 99c-75c/1 IP

49c/each when you buy 2-Carnation Evaporated Milk 99c- 50c/2 9/27SS or 50C/2 IP
49c-each when you buy 2-Bar S 99c-$1/2 IP

99c-5lb Russet Potatoes
$2.19-Q-Tips $2.79 (500ct) - 30c/1 8/2 RP (expires 10/25)


FREE-49c-Steamfresh 10-12oz - 50c/1 IP , 50c/1 9/13SS or 10/18SS or $1/2 IP

13c/each when you buy 2-Betty Crocker Brownies 88c-75c/2 Supreme Brownies IP (the ad does not exclude Supreme)
67c-Land O Lakes Butter $1.77-55c/1 IP when you register
99c-Annie's Mac N Cheese

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One of those weeks!

Most of the stores I shop are on my regular routes to and from work and other activities which makes it easy to plan to stop as part of my day. There's nothing worse than a special trip out of your way for a GREAT deal only to find they are out of stock!

Anyway, this is one of those weeks where I ended up needing items from a variety of stores and on top of that I keep forgetting things and having to go back. I feel like I've been running all over the place! I sort of feel that way even without adding in all the shopping! :)

How many stores do you regularly shop? Do you ever feel like a crazy person running all over the place?

Our Daily Bread-Giving and Receiving

My husband has just moved into a new office and he now occupies a space next to a bread warehouse. The gentleman who owns and operates this business has been giving us the most delicious "day old" bakery bread.
What might the significance in this be? Of course, I am thrilled to receive free bread!
We truly believe that what we give will be returned to us. This general idea might take a million different forms. One of the great things about buying items on sale and finding great bargains is that we are able to give back more. This might be in the form of sharing the bounty of our shopping trips or in having extra money left over to donate directly to causes we believe in. Over the last few months I have found that we have been able to give more and more. Our extended family loves the goodies we share and our babysitter always gets a generous "tip" in the form of the week's deals. I have also had the great fortune of meeting people who are suffering at this time and putting together "care" boxes of food and toiletries. Of course, any items with out a direct person to donate to go to the food pantry where I know it will be put to good use. The appreciation for these goods is felt so deeply and is the best "thanks" we can receive. So, back to the bread.......
One of the areas in which I always struggled to find a GREAT deal was for bread. We avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup and prefer whole grain. So, the best deal I was finding was around $1.75 at the Freihoffers outlet. I have contemplated grinding my own wheat and making my own bread, but that will not happen in the near future. As soon as T began to give us this bread, I knew this was a way were being blessed in return for our good deeds to others.
T's generosity has been our blessing and as always we are being provided for in our blind faith.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Saving money is so important for so very many of us. The ways we go about that can be as varied as the patterns in a patchwork quilt. My methods meet my needs at any given moment in time. Even my own needs can change on a daily basis.
When I first began my journey into the world of serious couponing, I felt I needed to get in on every good deal at every store in my area. I quickly realized that greats deals come back around and if I spend my days running from store to store and checking the internet for deals, I will have a house full of stuff and nothing more than that. I will be stuff rich for cheap and have neglected my family and other passions and callings in life. During that initial period of heavy deal seaking, I would go to sleep anxious about tomorrow's deals.
I now sleep soundly at night knowing that there will always be another deal.
While I have no plans on curbing my use of coupons, I do feel I have found a good balance in my life. I rarely spend more time shopping than in my pre-coupon days!

I intend to use this blog to explore great deals, but more than that to explore the many varied ways in which we can live a life within our means.