Friday, February 5, 2010

Shopping Week 1/30-2/5----I did it! (almost)

I set a goal to keep this week's budget at $15 and I almost did it!
I spent a total of $15.69! The total value of the items purchased is $222.73, which makes for 93% savings!

CVS & Shoprite


Stop & Shop

Adams & Shoprite

I'm really hoping for some great deals on chicken at Adams.
It's been awhile since they had a great sale on chicken breast and we are pretty much out.
I've selected some recipes that freeze well and am hoping to do a freezer cooking day before February is over, so a great sale on chicken would really be a blessing!


Brandy said...


Candi said...

I love FREE stuff!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! $15.69 on groceries worth over $222?! That's amazing!

frugal_mom_jenn said...


Mandy said...

AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!! :o) Thanks so much for linking up!! Your blog is adorable :)

Twyla ~ said...

Wow 15.00 budget! Thats amazing! i need to set a goal like that! Good for You! :)))

Tosha said...

Great Job! I want to be your shopping buddy;) hopefully that chicken sale comes.

Laura @ Frugal Follies said...

Wow, that is amazing! I haven't been able to get my savings percentage up that high, perhaps because I buy a lot of fresh produce.

Thanks for stopping by and linking your post at Frugal Follies!

Noelle said...

Thanks, everyone!

@Laura- I hear ya! I normally have more produce which definitely drops that percentage down...grrr....I am lucky to have a local market that has great prices on produce (at least great compared to the avg. grocery store prices). I try and stick with whatever produce is on sale and that is it for the week.
A little OT, but there is a local Apple Orchard that does organic apples and leases trees. The average yield makes the price for organic apples less than 50c/lb. I keep saying I'm going to lease a tree and maybe I really will this year!

Saving A Bundle said...

Wow! You know how to shop! I would be might proud of that Total. Thanks for linking.

Saving Addiction said...

Great Job! i love to stockpile it is all part of the addiction! cute site? i just asked my hubby WHERE IS HUDSONVALLEY?? LOL

Passport To Savings And Food said...

You go girl! That is wonderful. I have been trying to keep my totals under $30 a week, but so far I have not been successful - my avg is $40 a week so far. I do count dog food in my budget, so maybe that's why I keep going over? I am trying to continue the eat from the pantry challenge throughout February.

Saving By the Cartful said...

Amazing!!! Jealous...we don't have those stores (well-we have an Aldi's), around my area!

Are you doubling coupons, to get your totals that low? I'm in 'land of no-doubles', so I was just curious!

Martine said...

thats awesome. i hope to be able to do that.. how did u do it>

Noelle said...

@ Saving By the Cartful....yes, yes, yes!
I am very lucky that both Stop and Shop (which I only shop if I will be nearby--it's 20mins away) and Shoprite (my regular store) are fully doubling up to 99c Qs. So, my 75c Q becomes $1.50!

@Martine...I had a great week where there were some deals that gave a few cents overage and everything else was super cheap, so those few cents really went far!