Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shopping Week 2/13- 2/19

As I sit down to type this out, I'm not even sure I remember shopping this week.  I must have done it though, cause I have these lovely receipts and some (incomplete-1 gal Milk, Grapes, and Ice Cream) pictures to prove I was OVERBUDGET!

Shoprite: $28.95

Shoprite: $.39


Hannaford: $11.92

Shoprite: $15.78

Target: $0.00 (I had a Giftcard from a Previous Deal!)
Adams: $10.21

On the plus side I got some fish (3lbs) and Shrimp (2lbs) that we haven't had in awhile.
I also got about 12lbs of chicken, so we are pretty stocked on "proteins". I am also pleased that my savings percentage was still pretty darn good for so much protein and produce!

Final Total = $72.19
Total Saved = $129.51
64% Savings

Next Week's Goal: $25

How did you do this week?!?


The Prudent Patron said...

Sorry you went over budget, but you still did great!

Noelle said...

@Prudent Patron,
Thanks, seems like I have a week or two of underbudget and then a week or two over, which seems to be the protein stock up weeks for me. I think it will average out.

Mandy said...

You did get a lot of chicken!! Good job!!!

Feel free to link up!! :o)

Lori said...

Staying on budget is one of the hardest things to do! You got a lot of great deals though...good luck next week!

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

I find it easier to have a bi-weekly budget because I too go over on some weeks when there are great sales, but then I make up for it the next week. I still think you did a great job that's a lot of meat and fresh vegies!

frugal_mom_jenn said...

What a great shopping trip! I do the same thing Lori does - I just try to make up for those budget-busting trips the following week. Its helped me relax a bit because I used to obsess over the numbers every week.
One more thing...they still make Fun Dip?!?! :)