Friday, February 26, 2010

Shopping Week 2/20-2/26-----I DID IT and I'M Sticking to IT!

Well, I set the goal at $25 for this week and I beat it by $3 + change, spending a total of $21.88.
In more exciting news.....................I saved 92%!!!  Yes, I know the savings is high because there is not much in the way of fresh produce, but................I did buy a lot of protein at way below rock bottom!

My favorite deal this week was the Butterball Ground Turkey that was 49c/lb after sale and coupons at Shoprite!  At regular price this is $3.99/lb and even the sale price is $1.99/lb.  Just this ground turkey would have been around $28 without the coupons!  Needless to say, we'll be eating a lot of ground turkey in the weeks to come!

And now the proof is in the pictures!
(Missing from the pics: 2 Newspapers, 2 kotex liners, 2 bottles soy sauce, 2lt rootbeer, Rice-A-Roni Rice, 2 pkg tuna, 3 carolina rice pkgs, and 2 pkgs ground turkey----wow, I missed a lot of pics this week!)

Shoprite: $9.28
This was the most expensive trip of the week!
CVS: $0.67

CVS: $0.90
Target: $0.07 (I used a Target Giftcard from a previous deal)

Shoprite: $1.88

Shoprite: $4.24

Shoprite: $0.76

So, I have 3 more coupons for the Ground Turkey and the sale is good for one more day. If tomorrow allows, I'll stop by Shoprite to use those last 3 coupons!

I'm thinking about a budget cut for the month of March.  I normally try and average $40/week (even though it may be $60 one week and $20 the next), however, our freezer is now very well stocked as are our pantries.  My tentative plan is to cut my budget for the 5 weeks of March, but you'll have to check back and see what I decide on officially!


Alicia said...

You did super well!
I saw your comment on my blog, and I just wanted to say that I love your name, Noelle. In fact, I am planning (hoping) to name a future daughter that, either as a first or middle name. :)

Noelle said...

Thanks, Alicia!

Jennifer said...

Holy Cow Noelle! YOu did awesome! Ground Turkey here is almost $3 a pound on sale. Way to go.

Jen said...

Just stopped over by way of MSM. Great deal on the ground turkey! How did you get it that cheap?

Also, I love Noelle as well. It's our daughter's middle name - spelled the same as yours. Very pretty. :)

Noelle said...

Thanks Jennifer and Jen!

The ground turkey was on sale for $1.99 for a lb package. There were/are 75c coupons on as well as My Shoprite fully doubles(up to 4 like in 1 transaction), so 75c becomes $1.50, making each 1lb package 49c!
I did multiple transactions, never buying more than 4 at a time, so they would all double!
I'm also very lucky to have a big freezer and access to multiple computers!

Laura @ Frugal Follies said...

Wow, that is incredibly awesome! Thanks for all the pics!

And thanks for linking your post up to Wednesday Weekly Shopping @ Frugal Follies! Hope we see you again this week!