Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Tip Day- Bottoms UP!!! Another good thing about Wine!

Do you enjoy a nice glass of wine, but have trouble fitting it into your frugal lifestyle???
Well, now you can drink up knowing you are saving money on your dental bills!

In the April 2010 Redbook Magazine there is a brief clipping, "Drink vino, fight cavities".
"New research suggests that wine rinses bacteria from teeth during and after meals- and polyphenols in red wine might fight gum disease".


Anonymous said...

Yes! That's great news, hehe.

Jelli Bean said...

I will use this next time I "need" to try a new red wine. Husband and I went to a friend's house a few weeks ago for a wine tasting party, and since then we've enjoyed trying new bottles bi-weekly.

Noelle said...

My parent's love trying new wine and especially love some of the inexpensive Trader Joe's wines my sister brings them from Massachusetts. You'll be shocked to know....I'm a whisky gal!

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

This is definitely good news;) I love a good glass of wine.

Thanks for linking up!

Linda said...

That's the first I've heard of that one. Good news!