Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekly Shopping Trips 6/5-6/11--WHOA!!!

I spent a whopping $72.48, but I'm still pleased!  You want to know why, don't you???
Well, here's a picture that should tell you why!!!

RiteAid: $26.75
These should qualify me for a coupon for a Free pack!!!
I haven't purchased diapers in awhile and now, I shouldn't have to purchase diapers for awhile again!

Target: $0.00
Mexican Market: $3.89 (those funny looking corn husks!)
Aldi: $1.77
Adams: $16.26

CVS: $0.91
Target: $0
Shoprite: $4.53

Shoprite: $0.26

Walmart: $18.22
Aldi: $2.86
That Iron OUT is a killer on my budget!

Total Spent = $72.48
Total Saved = $196.13 or 73%

June's Budget $200 - $92.95 (1st two weeks spending) = $107.05 Remaining!
I'm feeling pretty good despite the fact that 3 weeks remain for this budget.

How was your week?

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