Saturday, July 31, 2010

A 2 week round up of shopping trips 7/17-7/23 and 7/24-7/30

I'm not even sure what I've spent in the last two weeks, so this post is a good way of forcing myself to check up on my spending for the month.

Adams: $2.74

Shoprite: $14.34
Walmart: $1.55

Adams: $2.97
Mother Earth's : $10.10

Shoprite: $8.18

Aldi: $4.15

Total Spent = $44.03
Total Saved = $80.49 or 65%

That was week 3 of my July Spending.
July's Budget (July 3rd- July 30th) $160
July's wk 1 & 2 spending = $43.13
July's Total Spending = $87.16
Remaining Budget for July = $72.84

Adams: $18.96
(missing from this picture is 20lbs of Chicken Leg Quarters)
Walmart: $7.72
Aldi: $0.65
(bananas - already 39c/lb and special B1G1!)
CVS: $0.40
Shoprite: $1.50
(yogurt on manager's special 67c, plus I had a $1/2 Q)
Shoprite: $0.50
(I couldn't resist more cheap yogurt, so I grabbed more Qs and headed back to the store!)
Shoprite: $2.66
Walmart: $0.85

Total Spent = $33.24
Total Saved = $165.10 or 83%

July's Budget (July 3rd- July 30th) $160
July's wk 1- 3 spending = $87.16
July's Total Spending = $120.40
Under Budget by $39.60!!!

I've been so busy that I haven't been chasing as many sales.  On the down side, my stockpile is a little lower than I prefer it be.  On the up side, I haven't been shopping as much!
I mentioned earlier in the month that I was low on staples and I did manage to get some spices and flour that I needed, but never did get that Olive Oil.

I'll be leaving August's budget (July 31-September 3) at $40/week or $200 for the month.
I was contemplating lowering the budget, but we have a bunch of BBQs and the like.  I'm hoping for some nice sales and coupons to rebuild my stockpile a little.  Our little garden is giving us some nice zucchinis and tomatoes, which should help keep the produce budget lower.

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