Friday, July 2, 2010

Shopping Totals 6/26-7/2---With Month End Totals

Well, here's this week's shopping!  The sales are pretty slow in my opinion, but I'm welcoming the break in chasing deals!  I finished the month under budget, so that is great!

Walmart: $0.80

Adams: $5.25
Aldi: $2.48
Shoprite: $8.66

Shoprite: $4.40

Adams: $7.24
Shoprite: $1.04

Shoprite: $0.96

Total Spending = $30.83
Total Savings = $115.55 or 79%

June's Budget $200 (May 29th-July2nd)
June's Total Spending = $154.50
June's Total Savings = $493.55 or 76%
I finished the month $45.50 under budget!!!

I'll be sticking with a budget averaging $40/wk for the month of July.
We are low on snack crackers and some pantry staples (white vinegar, baking soda and cumin are at the top of the list right now), so I'm pretty certain we'll use up all that budgeted money!

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