Friday, June 10, 2011

A Berry good week!

What a week!  We purchased a lot of fruit (mostly strawberries) this week and have eaten almost all of it up already.  Here's an overview of the week:

The picture of my second trip to both Shoprite and Stop & Shop didn't make it, but they included another gallon of milk, 7 packages of yogurt, goldfish, dole coleslaw, 4 packages of Solo cups, 4 luna bars, bananas, tomatoes, 2 bricks of cheese, a package of cheese slices, and a frozen pizza.

Total Spending this week = $47.65
Total Savings this week = $240.55 or 83% Savings

Total Spending this month = $78.69

Total Savings this month = $424.48 or 84% Savings

On the slate for next week...chicken breast, more strawberries, cantaloupe and more cheap yogurt!

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