Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Tip Day-- Trying out a deal.

Many times the deals that come along require a little math and a little planning and often they could go various ways.  Sometimes we think we have the registers all figured out and sometimes there are random things that are just beyond our regular "rules" or even our best estimations.  It's important to pay attention to your register receipts for that reason.  It's also important to keep your cool if the surprise at the register is not in your favor.
This all brings me to brown rice.  Yes, brown rice.
Do you notice something different about this picture?  Most of the time our multiples are of the same size product, but I've got a 2lb bag in the mix.  You see, I noticed (by pure accident) that the last time I used Carolina rice coupons they all full doubled.  Now, this didn't make sense based on the regular "rules," so I deduced that for whatever reason the coding in these coupons allows for overage as long as the total value of the products works out.  A regular product coupon will only double to the value of a single product, but with the Carolina coupons they doubled to cover the total value of Carolina products.
With this past transaction I was willing to try that math and see if it would work again.
So, I had four 75c coupons that would double up to $1.50 or a total coupon value of $6.00.  The small bags were on sale for 99c and the large bag regular price at $2.99 for a total value of $5.97 or free after all coupons doubled.  Well, my plan worked and I got 5 lbs of brown rice for free!
Just another reminder to pay attention to the receipts and reap the benefits! 

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