Friday, June 17, 2011

Chicken! and the rest of the stuff I bought this week!

Well, there was finally a great sale on chicken, so I bought about 20lbs at $1.39/lb.  That was more than half of my spending this past week.  Here's the chicken along with everything else!
Strawberries, cantaloupe, yogurt (3c/cup) and more at Shoprite!

A few odds and ends from Aldi and CVS.  I needed coffee and wthout any sales Aldi was the best deal.

Chicken for $1.39/lb and other fresh foods from Adams.

More Shoprite shopping and a few things from Hannaford.

Another Shoprite trip to use the 50c/2 Milky Way Qs that made these candy bars free. 
Hubby was happy with this one!

Free napkins at Hannaford (reg price for 50ct is $1 - $1/1 from 6/5/11PG).

The Creme-O's are a special treat. DD 5 asked if we could surprise Daddy with Oreos for breakfast on Father's Day.  Knowing that DH is not crazy about sweet breakfast foods I tried to suggest we make something else, but she had her little heart set on Oreos.  I used a Hannaford brand Q to bring the price down a little and she chose the double stuffed ones!  We'll be serving waffles with ice cream topped with Creme-O's for Daddy!!!

Total Spending this week = $48.45
Total Savings this week = $193.67 or 80% Savings

Total Spending this month = $127.14
Total Savings this month = $618.15 or 83% Savings

I only have $32.86 left in my June budget.  This week could be a little tricky, but I'll manage :)

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