Friday, April 2, 2010

Shopping week 3/27-4/2----I REALLY DID IT!

You may remember that I set a goal  for the 5 weeks beginning 2/27 and ending 4/2 at an average of $25 per week.  I needed to stay under $17.71 in order to meet that goal and I did it!  I spent a grand total of $11.98. That means I ended the month $5.73 under budget.  I had planned to run out today and pick up a few odds and ends,  which would have put me closer to breaking even, but since that never happened I get to end the month a few dollars under!

Adams: $5.69
Shoprite: $0.00 (used a $5 CAT)

CVS: $1.28
Freihofer's Bread Outlet: $3

Shoprite: $2.01

Total= $11.98
Total Savings = $212.69
94% Savings!!!

 I'm working on April's budget and thinking that rather than return to my normal $40/week budget, I am going to set a goal of $30/week.  I've also decided that since I rarely stay on target in any individual week, I will set this budget as a running total.  So, from 4/3-4/30 my budget is $120.


Mandy said...

You astound me... how awesome are your deals???

Feel free to link up with me :o)

Noelle said...

awww, schucks! Thanks, Mandy!
I get super spoiled with doubles and tons of computers to print IPs!
Heading over to link up now!

Mandy said...

Yeah we don't have anything like that here... maybe I should move to your area??? lol :)

frugal_mom_jenn said...

Awesome Noelle!! Hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend - will catch up with you later :)