Friday, March 5, 2010

Shopping Week 2/27-3/5----Under $25 Again! and 90% Savings!

I mentioned in my weekly shopping post last week that I was thinking about a reduced budget for March.....
Well, I've set my goal for the weeks 5 weeks beginning 2/27 and ending 4/2 at an average of $25 per week.
After last week's ground turkey deals and taking careful stock of our current pantry items, I am pretty confident that I can make this work!  That being said, I know I made it work this first week!

I spent $22.29 this week and saved $192.59!  That's a savings of 90%!

Here are the photos that show it all!

Shoprite: -$0.26
One of my Qs gave overage that I had not planned for, so I actually got back 26c from the cashier!

CVS: $0.87

Stop & Shop: $5.26
Dollar Tree(newspaper): $1.00
Shoprite: $0.60

Adams: $4.40
Mother Earth's Warehouse: $4.25

Shoprite: $0.60

(I had a gift card from a previous deal!)

Shoprite: $2.85
Adams: $2.72
So, there you have it!
There's $2.71 left from this week's $25, so check back next week to see if I manage to stay under $27.71!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am amazed! Great week!

Frugal Friend said...

Wow! These are all really great trips! Good job!