Friday, March 26, 2010

Shopping Week 3/20-3/26-Just over $15 and 95% Savings!

Well, I was over budget last week and set a budget goal of $8.44 this week to bring things back in line.  I didn't make that goal, but I am pleased with everything I was able to purchase for only $15.73 this week!

Target: $0.82

CVS: $0.54
Shoprite: $0.05

Adams: $1.41
RiteAid: $0.00 (used a Giftcard from a previous deal)
Target: $0.07

Stop & Shop: $1.44

Stop & Shop: $4.01

Adams: $4.63
Shoprite: $1.89

Total= $15.73
Total Savings= $289.86
95% Savings

We are headed into our last week of $25/wk budget. The $25 for the week ending April 2nd, has been reduced by $7.29, since that was what we were over this week!
Check back next week to see if we can end the month on target by limiting this week to $17.71!


The Prudent Homemaker said...

And I was impresed by your shopping trip LAST week! This is so much better!

I would really love to see a breakdown of how you're getting so much for so little--especially at Target and CVS, since I have those here.

Noelle said...


4 Gillette Body Wash $1.79 each = $7.16
used (2) $4/2 body wash P&G Qs = -$0.84 overage
2 Kotex 20ct $1.02 each = $2.04
used (2) $1/1 home mailer Qs = $0.04
3 Dial Liquid Handsoap $1.37 each = $4.11
used (3) target $1/1 Qs and (1) $1/3 MQ = $0.11

Since I didn't have purchases to cover the overage one of my Qs automatically adjusted down to make this sale come out to $0.82 which was all NYS sales tax.

3 Band-Aid $1.54(clearance) = $4.62
used (3) $1/1 Target Qs and (3) 50c/1 MQs = $0.12 received 5c credit for using my own bag making the final cost on these $0.07

2 Pampers $8.97 = $17.93
1 colgate toothpaste $3.99 = $3.99
Used $4/$20 CVS coupon (from email)
Used $1/1 Colgate MQ
Used (2) $2/1 Pampers P&G MQ
Used $13 ECBS
paid $0.54 cash

I don't calculate in the ECBS in my spending because somewhere I spent the cash to get them and that was calculated into my total spending at that time. So, now I can roll them and only count the cash portion as my spending.

Hope that helps!