Monday, March 15, 2010

Why I buy Organic Ketchup! and How you can Save even without Coupons!

Brand Name Ketchup $4.25

We recently ran out of Ketchup. We had been purchasing store brand Organic Ketchup at Hannaford for around $2/bottle.  When I stopped in to buy a new bottle, I found the price had gone up to 2.69, so I checked out the regular ketchup to see what ingredients differed.  I was expecting the same ingredients but organic vs non-organic.  I was SHOCKED to find the non-organic ketchup was all sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup.  We try and avoid HFCS, but it does occassionally slip into our house.  As I contemplated my options, images of my DD4 pouring disgusting syrup over her food flashed through my mind.  You see, she puts ketchup (loads of it) on everything she eats and that is TOO much HFCS for me to handle.  I stopped in to the local health food store in hopes of finding a bigger bottle that would make the cost per ounce a better deal.  What I found was more expensive ketchup.  I bought the best priced bottle for lack of wanting to run around town anymore.  The next week Stop & Shop ran a promo on their store brand Organics where you received $3 off your next order if you bought $15 in products.  I jumped at this opportunity, knowing there are rare opportunities for savings on organic ketchup!  So, after my careful research and a little over spending at the health food store, I managed to still work out a deal for ketchup without having to compromise on my standards!
1) Compromise where you can and stick to your guns where you feel it counts.
2) Recheck prices.  Hannaford had previously been the best deal, but even without the special promo, Stop & Shop now offers the best deal on this product. 
3)  Buying in bulk can save money, but be mindful of expiration dates!
8 bottles of Stop & Shop Store Brand
Organic Ketchup $2*8=$16
Received $3 ONYO
Final Cost = $13 or $1.63/bottle


frugal_mom_jenn said...

Now the image of my toddler pouring HFCS is etched into my brain!! Gross! Is the Stop & Shop promo through the rest of the week?

Noelle said...

Sorry, Jenn :(
The promo was last week, but I thought I saw signs in store advertising longer sale dates?
Maybe, give your local store a call to find out.

frugal_mom_jenn said...

Okay I'll check it out - thanks!

Noelle said...

I just found this promo listed in the ad good through 3/18.....RUN to the store!

Christy said...

Ketchup is one thing I always buy organic. Like you my kids use oodles of it!