Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shopping trips wk of 8/28-9/3 and a month end wrap up! Under Budget and Very Pleased!

The week started out with a great surprise deal.  Maybe it had something to do with my recent post on keeping your eyes open for deals in unexpected places!  We were out running errands and stumbled upon a community yard sale. I found a couple selling some of their local farm eggs for 50c/ a dozen and a half eggs!  I purchased 3 dozen eggs for $1!!!  What a great deal on farm fresh eggs!!!
Here's a picture of that and the rest of the week's shopping.

Farm fresh eggs from the side of the road! : $1.00

Shoprite: $14.93
Hannaford: $1.61

Stop & Shop: $0.90

Aldi: $2.64
Shoprite: $6.69

Shoprite: $2.57

Total Spending = $30.34
Total Savings = $195.28 or 86% Savings

August's Budget (July 31-September 3) $40/week or $200 for the month
August's wk 1-4 spending = $144.70
August's wk 5 spending = $30.34
August's Total Spending =  175.04

$24.96 Under Budget for August!!!

How did you do last month?

I'll be sticking with $40/week for the forseeable future!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your blog. We are from the Hudson Valley,my husband and I grew up in LaGrange/Unionvale and we moved over to Pine Bush, but we have been living in NC for about 6 yrs now. We REALLY miss NY.
I guess I just wanted to say HI.

Noelle said...

Thanks for stopping by to say "Hello"!