Friday, October 29, 2010

Shopping Trips wk of 10/23-10/29---Over budget for October, but pleased none-the-less

I'm still trying to get back to photos, but life has just been too busy.  
I'm pleased if I can get my groceries put away these days!
This week I spent $52.29 and saved $183.36 or 78%.
This means I went over budget for the month of October, but there is a good reason!
There was a fabulous sale on chicken breast at Adams.  It was only $1.29/lb if bought in 10lb bags.  At that price I had to stock up!

Here are the final numbers:
October's budget (October 2-29) = $160
Week 1-3 Spending = $125.44
Week 4 Spending = $52.29
Total October Spending = $178.03
Over Budget by $18.03

How did October go for you?

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