Friday, October 1, 2010

A two week shopping trip round up and a month end total--- Not to mention a BIG sigh of relief!

Wow!  I finally sat down to look at my receipts from the last two weeks and was expecting to have gone way over budget. I was so relieved to find I managed to stay under budget for October!
Adams: $3.00

Shoprite: $6.89

Adams: $4.24
Aldi: $9.24
Rite Aid: $13.62

Stop & Shop: $2.00

Shoprite: $4.94

Shoprite: $10.01

Price Chopper: $0.18
Shoprite: $5.61 (grapes and plaintains missing from picture)

Shoprite: $0.94

Shoprite: $19.51

Shoprite: $1.16
Stop & Shop; $0.00

Shoprite: $1.21

Shoprite: $10.28

Total Spending = $92.83
Total Savings = $454.60 or 83% Savings
September's Budget (September 4-October 1) $40/week or $160 for the month

September's wk 1-2 spending = $64.27
September's wk 3-4 spending= $92.83
Total Spending for September = $157.10
$2.90 Under Budget!!!

October's Budget will follow the recent trend of $40 week or $160 (October 2-29).
I'm hoping for some good sales on proteins and definitely need to start buying more vegetables now that our garden is not producing much.

How are you doing with sticking to the budget?

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