Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why I'll pay 9c for a can of beans I could possibly get for Free!

Have you printed the 50c Progresso coupon available here or here?

I printed out several of these and was excited since they go well with the 99c Progresso beans sale at Shoprite (10/3-10/9).  So, combined with the sale and doubling these coupons can make for FREE beans.  Here's the catch...the local Shoprite has newer registers that do not double when something should double to Free.  At least, they don't always double.  So, when a Q allows you can get a manager to over-ride the system and force the doubling to get your free item(s). This usually means a bit longer at the register, but is generally not a problem.  However, this is a DND 5 Q, which means it clearly says DO NOT DOUBLE.  If the register doesn't cooperate I have no recourse to discuss this with a manager.
This means that I may get the beans for FREE or I may pay 49c.  Now, 49c for a can of beans is not the best price in the world, but it's not too bad either. 

Since I work near a Stop & Shop and plan to stop in there for a few other deals, I checked out their price on these Progresso beans and they are $1.09.  The registers there will double just fine despite the DND 5 and I am guaranteed a 9c can of beans.  I'll take the sure thing for two main reasons: Less Hassle and Hey, 9c is still a great price for a can of beans!

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