Saturday, March 12, 2011


There weren't a ton of great deals this week, but that was ok with me!  I had dollar days CATS to use up, so I purchased some items that were needed including toilet paper, vinegar and yogurt.  I stopped in to Adams for the cheap strawberries and green beans and found a pineapple on mark-down for 99c.  I also made another stop at Stop & Shop to take advantage of the cereal and milk deal.  We needed a new Brita water pitcher and grabbed a bunch of the freebies available at Target while we were there. Actually, we got enough overage on that trip to bring the price of the pitcher down to around $8.

Total Spending Week 2 = $8.27
Total Savings Week 1 = $117.34 or 93% Savings

Total Spending March = $60.98
Total Savings March = $355.79 or 85% Savings

Remaining Budget for March = $76.05

What were your best deals last week?

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