Friday, March 4, 2011

Shopping Round-Up wk ending 3/4/11----ready for a breather!

It's the end of week two of Dollar Days at Shoprite and I've ready for a break!  The OOP for this week was higher than usual, but the next few weeks should be nice and low as I use up my Catalinas!
Total Spending Week 1 = $52.71
Total Savings Week 1 = $238.45 or 82% Savings

I was $61.71 over budget for February and $1.26 over in January, so I'm aiming for $137.03 for the five weeks that make up my March budget(2/26-4/1).  If I can make it that would bring my average budget goal of $40/week back into check.  That means that after this week's spending I only have $84.32 left.
I CAN DO IT! Check back in as I make my best efforts to get back in check.

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Laura @ Frugal Follies said...

Good luck with your spending goal! Looks like you got lots of great buys to fill the pantry and make the coming weeks easier.

Thanks for linking up!

-- Laura from Frugal Follies