Friday, March 18, 2011

Odds and ends! wk ending 3/18/11

Well, this week was interesting.  I've just totaled up my receipts and this was one of those weeks when I spent more than I realized.  Lots of little trips add up!  I'm still aiming to stick with my Reduced Budget for March ($137.03).  That means that I only have $45.11 left until April 1st!  A lot of what I purchased this week were odds and ends.  The deals were not that great this week, but I had Ups expiring at Rite Aid and CATS that needed to be used at Shoprite.

Total Spending March = $91.92
Total Savings March = $699.95 or 88% Savings
Reduced Budget for March = $137.03
Remaining Budget for March = $45.11

What were your best deals last week?

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