Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hallmark Stock-Up!

Well, nothing too exciting this week besides the Hallmark card deal at Stop & Shop.
Here's the evidence!

Adams: $10.94
Mother Earth's:$1.27
Walmart: $0.72
Stop & Shop: $1.04
Shoprite: $8.52 (Hooray for a $1.99 4lb bag of oranges!)

Look at that stack of cards!!!
Stop & Shop: $2.78 (There was more yogurt and a frozen meal, but they reached our stomachs before the camera reached them!)

Total Spending this week = $25.27
Total Savings this week = $59.97 or 70% Savings
Total Spending May (April 30-May 27) = $87.66
Total Savings this week = $294.01 or 77% Savings
Remaining Budget for May = $72.34
I still have to get to Shoprite for the toilet paper sale, but that will now count towards next weeks budget. I have $25 in Cats for Stop & Shop, but I'm not seeing anything too exciting for the coming week, so I think I'll hold on to them 'til the very end!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

So how much were the cards? That is a ton and they are so pricey. We never have sales on them here. Jealous!