Saturday, May 28, 2011

Re-stocking on chicken = over-budget for May

Well,  I went just a few dollars over budget for May, but it was totally worth it!  Today starts a new 4 day sale at Adams and chicken breast was only $1.59/lb.  It hasn't been below $1.99/lb in some time, so I sent my husband to pick up several packages.  I picked up some random deals this week and had $20 in Cats to use up at Stop & Shop.  They helped me re-stock on staples like milk, yogurt and quinoa.

Total Spending this week = $51.84
Total Savings this week = $167.85 or 76% Savings

Total Spending May (April 30-May 27) = $163.68
Total Savings May = $535.93 or 77% Savings

$3 and change over budget isn't so bad when you know your freezer is stocked with chicken and fish to last a month! :)

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