Friday, May 6, 2011

WOW! I spent a pretty penny this week!

I spent a lot of money this week!  It sure does add up fast some weeks.

Shoprite: $1.10
Rite Aid: $0.52
 Walmart: $7.75 (some supplies for the vegetable garden are not pictured)
Ollie's: $4.31 (less than half price for sunblock!)

Shoprite: $1.87
Adams: $4.20
Aldi: $7.58 (see that in the back there?  it's a blackberry bush!)

Target: $5.31 (I got back a $5 giftcard, too!)

Shoprite: $17.55 (I got back $20 in Cats!)

Shoprite: $9.37 (time to fire up the grill)
I also spent around $3 on a Hallmark card deal at Stop and Shop!  I'll continue to roll this deal next week and post a picture of all my cards when I am done rolling!

Total Spending this week = $62.39
Total Savings this week = $234.04 or 79% Savings
There are some decent sales next week on some much needed household items, like toilet paper, so I'm thinking that it will be another higher spending week.  I was almost $20 under budget last month, so I've got a little extra wiggle room in the budget.

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