Friday, January 28, 2011

Hey big spender!

Well, I spent a lot more than I realized this week.
I ended the month about $2 over budget.
But,.....I have a supply of wipes that might just last me the year.

Walmart, Aldi, Shoprite and Rite Aid.  We were completely out of cream cheese, bananas, pull-ups, and plastic wrap.  I've been trying to eat more salad and the dressings (low fat or fat free) help keep me on top of that goal.  The ham was just around $6 at Aldi!
More wipes at Shoprite.  The organic milk was a great deal at 80c on markdown and everything else was free after coupons!
Free Milk CAT from last week's cereal deals at Stop & Shop.  I also had a $2 off any Kleenex CAT that made those just the cost of tax!
No remarkable sales at Adams, but we needed eggs and the squash was 99c/lb.
More freebies and wipes at Shoprite, plus a bag of oranges (4lbs) for $1.99!

Total Spending Week 4 = $71.39
Total Savings Week 4 = $174.84 or 71% Savings

Total Spending Month of January = $161.26
Total Savings Month of January = $975.81 or  86% savings!
How did you do in January?

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