Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Plan, well, my sort of plan! wk of 1/17-1/23

So, I haven't been posting menu plans lately because we haven't really been following a "firm" plan.  It just doesn't seem to work for us these days.  I assure you we have been eating :)
Here's an idea for the upcoming week of how our menus work:

Monday- cook something with enough leftovers for Tuesday.  Monday is one of the more relaxed days in our home, so there is some time for more involved preparations.
Tuesday- Monday's leftovers with a new veggie if necessary (If there aren't enough leftovers this becomes Pizza night since we found a local pizzeria that sells $5.55 pies on Tuesday.  This is also the night I work LATE, so easy is the game plan.)
Wednesday- cook something easy and quick: fish, hot dogs, easy chicken recipes, sausage and try for enough to have leftovers for Thursday.  These are two more busy days in our home!
Thursday- leftovers or something easy, again!
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday- We reserve these days for meals that require a little more prep.  One night is often leftovers.  I particularly enjoy cooking these days with my husband and sometimes the kids even help.

I've learned accepted the fact that I can not cook "gourmet" meals every night or even most nights and this is ok as long as there is balance in our meals.

What has menu planning taught you?

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The Coupon Posse' said...

I got out of the habit of menu planning and the chaos that followed was defeating. I just got back into it a few weeks ago and I am again amazed at how much easier it makes life :) Hope you have a good week!