Sunday, February 20, 2011


This was not an average shopping week.  I took advantage of a few deals at Shoprite, but the bulk of our budget was spent on "specialty items" for a special Valentines' dinner.  We also splurged on some gruyere for a recipe!  While this is not the normal way we shop it shows that we do break our budget and treat ourselves occassionally.

Total Spending Week 3 = $49.83 (OUCH!)
Total Savings Week 3 = $44.46 or 47% Savings
Total Spending Feb = $131.38
Total Savings Feb = $788.13 or 85% Savings

Now, I am going to add a note that I will not stay on budget this month.  Shoprite is running Dollar Days for the next two weeks are there are some really great deals, but the Catalinas received can not be used until the 6th of March, so there is no possibility for rolling.  This means high out of pocket costs, but it is so worth it.  Many of these items are not things I can normally find good Qs/Deals on and so I have made the decision to overspend and make cuts next month.  I know the extra now will help me to save in the long run.

Are you strict with your budget or do you allow a little flexibility?

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