Friday, February 4, 2011

Shopping wk ending 2-4: Snack Foods Galore!

With all of the great snack deals for Superbowl Sunday it's going to be hard to stick with my plan to eat healthier.  I'm hoping we can exercise moderation and make these snacks last.
My first snack trip at Rite Aid!

 Aldi and Dollar Tree help round out some items that are most often cheapest as generics.
 I went to Shoprite mainly for the turkey which was 29c/lb after sales and coupons.
They finally had some ripe plantains!  Yummy!

Another Rite Aid trip to pick up some great deals!
I picked up the Finish, but wasn't sure how well it would work.  We have hard water and sometimes dish detergents don't work well in our machine.  I tried this the other day and was so pleased with how it worked in our machine and with our picky water.

I still get similac checks on occasion and usually give them away.  I found a few around that were going to expire before I could give them away, so I decided to buy the formula and donate that instead!

My darling husband ran to Adams during the storm.  We needed eggs!

Free milk from last week's Stop & Shop deals!
Friday shopping....Adams for fresh veggies, Shoprite for some bargain odds and ends, another Rite Aid run and another stop at Aldi for a 7lb ham at $3.20!

Total Spending Week 1 = $46.04
Total Savings Week 1 = $419.30 or 90% Savings
My goal for February (January 29- February 25) is the usual $40/week or $160 for the month.  I was a little over ($1.26) in January, so I'd like to aim for a few dollars under this month.  I'm still working on healthier food choices on a budget.  These Rite Aid deals are not helping, but the snack foods can be in the house as long as we only eat them ocassionaly.


SoCal said...

Wow...we are living off the pantry this month and I only got a few items, but did so well...inspirational!!!

Amanda said...

Oh My Word! ALL of those pictures for $46! That's amazing. I clicked over from your comment that you left on my Kroger trip (at Saving Myself Silly). I thought we were doing pretty good keeping to $300/month for the 4 of us, but after seeing some of these other posts around the web, I was just telling my husband this morning that I thought we could probably get by on even less. I'll be following you for inspiration ;)

I love the side pattern!