Friday, February 11, 2011

Shopping Trips ending 2-11-11: A few Splurges!

It was a great week here! I spent under $20 in my local shopping, but I've added two other "trips" into my totals.
 My sister purchased polenta at Trader Joe's (the closest store is 1.5 hours away) and that was about $8.

I also took advantage of a deal through Gaggle of Chicks (use the link for a $10 credit when you sign up)to get something fun and healthy for the girls. Between the $1.xx after credit at Gaggle and the $7.xx at the Monkey Business store I spent $9.22.
We've tried some of the flavors and they are a hit so far!

 My darling husband ran to Adams for a few produce items so we could do some cooking over the weekend!
A few quick stops (without kids): Rite Aid, Aldi, and Shoprite!
A great Shoprite trip where I used Babybucks $10 off  $50 in combination with tons of other Qs and a nice Rite Aid trip.  Everything in this picture cost 72c!
Another Shoprite trip (after I printed more Qs) where the Free Organic Drinkable Yogurt was the star!

Total Spending Week 2 = $35.51
Total Savings Week 1 = $324.37 or 90% Savings
Total Spending Feb = $81.55
Total Savings Week 1 = $743.67 or 90% Savings
My goal for February (January 29- February 25) is the usual $40/week or $160 for the month.  I was a little over ($1.26) in January, so I'd like to aim for a few dollars under this month.  I'm still working on healthier food choices on a budget.

What are your grocery goals this month?

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