Saturday, October 17, 2009


Saving money is so important for so very many of us. The ways we go about that can be as varied as the patterns in a patchwork quilt. My methods meet my needs at any given moment in time. Even my own needs can change on a daily basis.
When I first began my journey into the world of serious couponing, I felt I needed to get in on every good deal at every store in my area. I quickly realized that greats deals come back around and if I spend my days running from store to store and checking the internet for deals, I will have a house full of stuff and nothing more than that. I will be stuff rich for cheap and have neglected my family and other passions and callings in life. During that initial period of heavy deal seaking, I would go to sleep anxious about tomorrow's deals.
I now sleep soundly at night knowing that there will always be another deal.
While I have no plans on curbing my use of coupons, I do feel I have found a good balance in my life. I rarely spend more time shopping than in my pre-coupon days!

I intend to use this blog to explore great deals, but more than that to explore the many varied ways in which we can live a life within our means.

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Suz said...

Well said! We shouldn't let anything get in the way of life, even saving $$!

By the way, thx for the coupon tip on the creamer :)