Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spanish Braised Chicken with Green Olives and Rice

DH and I tried a new recipe tonight.  Thanks to DH for doing most of the cooking on this one!
It's a nice mild recipe and great as far as prep time, cook time, and clean up time.

Our dish didn't look as great as the TLC picture above......

and I just realized we were supposed to slice the olives (oops), but it tasted mighty delicious.


Suz said...

I watched a show that showed how they took pictures of food for books and magazines.... often times the food wasn't cooked all the way and things were browned with the broiler or even a torch to get the color just right. I would rather eat yours than the one they took a pic of after seeing that program :)

Noelle said...

I saw a show on the Food Network that was a food styling competition. It was definitely interesting to see their techniques! I agree...healthy and edible take the lead!!