Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is my Very First Meal Planning Post.
I've done a variety of meal plans in the past.
I've found that for our family it works best to only plan dinners and let all other meals evolve.  We have a variety of stand-bys that work as our breakfast and lunch meals and require no official planning.

Monday-leftover Spanish Braised Chicken
Tuesday- DDs-Turkey Hot Dogs, frozen corn, and brown rice
Myself and DH will be eating take-out from Ruby Tuesday
Wednesday- Whole grain spaghetti and zucchini
Thursday-Tilapia, Couscous and Salad
Friday- dinner at mom and dad's house
Saturday- dinner at mom and dad's house
Sunday- Steak Fajitas, Mexican Rice and Black Beans

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Hannah said...

Your menu sounds good...I think the take-out from Ruby Tuesday would be my favorite, lol!

Adam's Mommy said...

Welcome to MPM!

Noelle said...

Yes, Hannah, Ruby's might be the highlight this week! We have a BOGO entree coupon that expires at the end of the week and since Tuesday is always a very busy night for us, we figure it will be nice to have a little treat!

Thanks for the welcome, Adam's Mommy!

Dark Side of the Fridge said...

I plan my meals the same way - dinners only. Often, lunches end up being leftovers, and breakfasts are pretty standard most days, anyway.

That braised chicken dish looks. . . intriguing! I have a similar chicken-rice-stovetop dish that I do, and I love it!

Dara said...

Hi Noelle, your MPM link caught my eye because of your Hudson Valley location! The Spanish Braised Chicken looks great.

Angie said...

Saw it was your first Menu Plan Monday. Welcome! I just came back to posting our menu plans after a break. Nothing too exciting on our end but your steak fajita Sunday meal sounds awesome! Enjoy!


Suz said...

I admire you for doing the menu plan monday thing! I can't seem to think it out that far in advance... :)

Noelle said...

Suz, Don't often falls to the wayside as the week evolves. Tonight will be hot dogs and some kind of potatoes since I never made it to the fish market!

When I first did menu planning, I did one month at a time and it actually worked out pretty well. I thought it would be annoying and constrictive, but it really took a lot of the stress out of the 4-6pm time period. With two little kids, that time of day can be crazy and the meal plan eases some of that chaos/stress.