Friday, May 7, 2010

Shopping trips wk of 5/1-5/7

Welcome to May!
I've set my budget this month at $140.  That will cover 5/1-5/28.
I spent a little more this week than I hoped for, but I am pleased with the deals and especially my trip to Dollar Tree.  I stopped in looking for some crafting supplies and since I was without kids, I decided to take a quick walk through the food aisle.  I saw some strawberry jam and thought I'd read the label quick.  I was fully expecting HFCS and was EXCITED to see only 3 things listed: Strawberries, Sugar and Pectin!
I grabbed 5 jars!  I finally remembered to get the Greek Yoplait for the give-away, so that was another nice freebie this week!
Shoprite: $1.93
Target: $2.32
Aldi: $7.61
Shoprite: $0.60
CVS: $1.26
Dollar Tree: $5.00
Shoprite: $13.29
CVS: $0.67
Shoprite: $1.20
Walgreens: $0.41
Adams: $1.99
Shoprite: $1.54
I used rebate GC to pay for the rest and will submit for a $5 Rebate from Sorrento, but I won't count that until it's in my bank account ;).
Target: $0.63

Missing from pictures:
Veggies @ Adams: $1.60
Milk and stickers @ CVS: $0.33

Total Spending: $40.38
Total Saved: $251.64 or 86%

May's Budget: $140-$40.38 = $99.62 left!

How was your week?


cassie said...

wow you sure did good with your deals this week :)

Kari said...

Wow what a great week! I spent $55.01 and will get back $26.00 in rebates. Like you, I try not to count the rebates until they actually come back.

Noelle said...

Thanks Cassie and Kari.

That's a ton of rebates, Kari!