Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly Shopping Trips 5/22-5/28----Ended the Month 83c Under Budget!

Well, I wasn't sure I could stay within my May 1-28 budget of $140 since I only had $17.01 left for this week, but I DID IT!!!!

May's Monthly Buget = $140
May's Actual Spending = $139.17
May's Total Savings = $862.38 for an average savings of 86%!

I wasn't up to a lot of running around so we ate up the produce we had, which means next week will REQUIRE some produce shopping for sure!  I did make a few trips to get in on some great freebies/super cheap items and a mini stock up at the Bread Outlet and spent $16.18 this week.  I was very excited to find the NO HFCS bread on the discount table (that means each loaf was 90c!) and picked up 4 loaves.  I also got 8 packages of Turkey Hot Dogs for 38c/package, 3 Angus Hot Dogs for 19c/package and 9 Al Fresco Chicken Sausages for 49c/package!  I'm excited to have something in my freezer besides cheese and ground turkey!

Aldi: $1.61
Friehoffers: $1.34

Walgreens: $1.53
I didn't feel like doing any "deals" and had RRs that were expiring, so I had fun!

CVS: $0.64
Stop & Shop: $0.60

Shoprite: $3.06

Friehoffers: $5.40
Shoprite: $0.41

The only thing missing is the Organic Sugar I had my husband pick up for $1.54 at Walmart.

Total Spent = $16.18
Total Saved = $197.94 for a savings of 92%!!!

Were you able to stay in budget this month?
What great deals did you find this week?
Check back next week for June's Budget goals!

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