Friday, May 14, 2010

Shopping week of 5/8-5/14-----Lots of fresh foods and staples!

My monthly budget of $140 thru May 28th is quickly dwindling down.  We bought a lot of fresh veggies this week and some other staples (salt and black beans), so that has made our spending a little on the higher side.  I'm resolved that it's ok if we end up going over budget by a little this month, as long as we've gone over for buying fresh, healthy food!

May's Budget: $140-$40.38(week 1) 
$99.62 of budget remaining at start of week 2

Aldi: $3.13
Shoprite: $4.18
Walgreens: $0.00

CVS: $0.76
Shoprite: $4.60

Aldi: $8.30

Sorry this picture is sooooo DARK. You can't even see the black beans :(
Mother Earth's: $7.60
Walgreens: $1.00

Adams: $4.25
CVS: $0.63
Walgreens: $2.12

Aldi: $3.10
Shoprite: $3.93
 (will submit for $5 Sorrento rebate, but you know the drill....I don't count it until I get it!)

Total Spent = $42.30
Total Saved = $171.81 for a savings of  80%

$57.32 Remaining in May's budget!!!
It's going to be tight!

How did you do this week???


The Prudent Homemaker said...

My husband was needing potatoes, so he spent $6 on potatoes this week. That's the first spending we've done on food and tolietries since March (when I had only a small amount to spend, too).

I traded some swiss chard and radishes that had gone to seed for 18 eggs from a neighbor. Her chickens ate them and she gave me eggs! That works great for me!

We harvested asparagus, artichokes lettuce, spinach, snow peas and peaches from the garden this week.

Noelle said...

Wow! Sounds like you have some great, fresh food on hand!

We've planted potatoes and a small garden with tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and zucchini. It's not technically our first garden, but I feel like it's the first since it's the first time my heart has really been in it.