Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shopping Trips wk of 7/31-8/6---Big Spending Week!

Are you ready?  Are you sure?  You're really ready?
I spent $77.66 this week!
Do you want to see what I spent that on? 

Dollar Tree: $3.00
Shoprite: $10.51

Shoprite: $1.29

Aldi: $4.39
Family Dollar: $3.67
Shoprite: $2.57

Adams: $49.77
($1.79/lb ground beef; $1.69/lb boneless, skinless chicken breast)

Not pictured here is 5lbs of Sugar for $2.54.

Total Spent = $77.66
Total Saved = $175.93 or 69%

If you recall, I've set August's budget (July 31-September 3) at $40/week or $200 for the month.

We're stocked up on chicken/beef, so that should keep this week's spending low!
I'll be picking up a few things that are on great sales with q match-ups and some fresh veggies.

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