Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekly Shopping Trips Round Up- a TWO week summary!

I wasn't able to get my weekly shopping post up last week, so here's a wrap up for the past two weeks.
I had a big spending week the first week of the month.  I must admit I was a bit nervous that this month's budget would be a struggle.  Well, I've just added up my receipts from the past two weeks and I am no longer worried!

Shoprite: $0.61

Aldi: $4.66
CVS: $4.68

Price Chopper: $0.39

Shoprite: $6.86

Hannaford: $0.98 (pizza dough-not pictured)

Total Spent = $18.18

August's Budget (July 31-September 3) $40/week or $200 for the month
August's wk 1 spending = $77.66
August's wk 2 & 3 spending = $18.18
August's Total Spending = $95.84
Remaining Budget for August = $104.15

We've been eating a lot from our pantry and freezer, so I am confident we can survive the next two weeks and stay within budget!