Saturday, April 23, 2011

a big jump from $19.54 to $68.33!

Well, the last two weeks were really low spending weeks coming in at $19.54 each, but this week was a big week!  We spent a whopping $68.33 this week.  Here's what we purchased.

You can read about our reasons for NOT joining Sam's Club here. 
Sam's Club: $31.37

Shoprite: $3.67
 Aldi: $10.31
Shoprite: $6.30 (including the free ham)
Target: $3.56

Adams: $13.12

Total Spending this week = $68.33
Total Savings this week = $190.28 or 74% Savings
Total Spending April = $107.41
Total Savings April = $456.47 or 81% Savings
 Remaining April Budget= $52.59

Let's see how this week evolves and determines the fate of April's final budget!

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Alissabeth said...

Awesome savings!

I like your post about Sam's. It doesn't work for everyone. We switched our membership to Costco because of the organic products and other reasons.

Following from the Bunny Hop! Happy Easter!