Saturday, April 2, 2011

I DID IT!----back on track with the average budget of $40/week!!!

I had just over $15.25 remaining in my March reduced budget and I came in at $13.21.  Wahoo!

Stop & Shop for another round of cheap cereal.  I did this deal mostly because I wanted the Free Milk Cat that accompanied the cheap cereal!
Shoprite: $0.88
Adams: $6.34
Rite Aid: $4.44

Total Spending this week = $13.21
Total Savings this week = $177.22 or 93% Savings
Total Spending March = $134.99 ($2.04 under budget)
Total Savings March = $1081.61 or 89% Savings
I'm back on track for my yearly average budget goal of $40/wk!

We're still trying to get more fresh foods into our diet on the existing budget.  Our pantries are pretty packed, so the focus will be on fresh fruits and veggies.  We'll also need to buy some chicken in the next few weeks.


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