Saturday, April 9, 2011

Under $20 = A great start to the month!

We are pretty well stocked and I didn't see a lot of great deals that I needed.

Shoprite: $0.78
I had some Cats to use up.  The blocks of cheese were a great deal at 99c/each and the rest of the items were ok deals just to use up the expiring Cats.

Shoprite: $0.69
Using up more Cats.
Ollie's: $5.22
Some odds and ends plus proof of a shopping mistake.  The girls were cranky during this trip and in a rush, I grabbed the Naproxen thinking it was a great deal.  Well, we got home and I realized it was only a 12ct bottle.  It wasn't such a great deal after all, but we live and learn!

Shoprite: $0.00
Aldi: $4.23
Walmart: $8.62
Some odds and ends for the week's final shopping.  Included, but not pictured, is some soil for our vegetable garden.  Last year was our first big garden and I kept the garden budget separate from the household $40/wk.  We had to build up a raised bed, which was really a project.  This year, I'm trying to include the garden supplies in our household budget since it ultimately reduces our food budget.  The girls and I started seeds today!

We are back on track for our annual average budget of $40/wk, so this month (April 2-29) will be set at $160.

Total Spending this week = $19.54
Total Savings this week = $128.85 or 87% Savings

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