Monday, December 21, 2009

12/13 - 12/20 Shopping Week! And away we go............

It has been so hectic around here, as I am sure it is everywhere, that I didn't do a week end summary last Saturday.  I've decided to let myself off the hook for tracking purchases until the new year, so here's a round up from the 13th-20th before my hiatus from tracking begins!

1st stop: Target and Shoprite
(you can enjoy the top on DD3's head and DD1's bum)

Next Up:  Adams
Hubby made this stop for me!

Shoprite, again!

Target, Shoprite and Rite-Aid this time!


CVS, Shoprite, and Mother Earth's

 Grand Total: $51.77
Not included in these pictures but included in the total spending are 2 newspapers, some pecans, and tissue paper from last week's CVS sales.

I'm generally pleased and also generally done shopping (aside from a few little odds and ends for gift shopping) until after the Christmas holiday!

See you for the 1/2-1/8 week recap on the 9th! or before for other posts!

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