Sunday, December 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday-----the time of year when it all falls apart!

So, last week's plan fell apart as did most of my plans for the week as a whole.  I haven't worked nights in a month or so and since we were returning from the Holiday weekend, I think I didn't plan ahead enough.  It seems like this time of year is a very busy time anyway!
I had grand ambitions of trying to do some cooking on Saturday that would serve as dinners for this coming week since I will be working nights again!  Finishing our yard work and a trip out for a few necessities (we ran out of diapers) took precedence.  We did manage to get all of the outdoor stuff put away just as the first snowflakes began to fall!

What have I learned from all of this......
I need to fine tune my planning skills even further in order to make life easier for crazy weeks, planned or unplanned.

I'm going to keep it simple and use my crockpot this coming week!

MONDAY- Vegetarian Chili, Rice, and Taco Meat
TUESDAY- Leftovers
WEDNESDAY- Meatball Stroganoff! with Egg Noodles (Thanks Julie!)
THURSDAY- Chicken Curry Slow Cooker with Brown Rice
FRIDAY- Leftovers
SATURDAY- Tilapia, Baked Potatoes, and Zucchini
SUNDAY- Hubby and DD3 are making a special Birthday Dinner for me! 

I'm still hoping to do a Freezer Cooking Day in the near future, so please share your best freezer recipes in the comments!  And don't forget to visit MPM for more great plans!

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