Saturday, December 12, 2009

12/5-12/11 Shopping Week ---Finally Back On Track!

I missed my weekly shopping round ups for 2 weeks in a row. The Thanksgiving Holiday and then returning to work threw me a bit off my game.  No worries though, I am back on track and here is the evidence!

We needed diapers and made a stop into RiteAid and Shoprite while we were out!

Stopped into CVS and Adams for a few good deals!

I needed sugar and Walmart has been the best deal for me, so I picked up 4 bags (all I had coupons for) and stopped in to Adams, again!

I was working near Stop and Shop this week so I managed to grab a few deals on the way into work!
Everything in these pictures was FREE!  It's definitely not stuff that's on our normal list, but it's fun to have something a little different, especially when it's free!
DD3 had a blast making the pizza lunchables!

Sorry, this photo kind of stinks. I think all the snow reflecting in the background created some problems.
This was my big SHOPRITE trip this week!
Lots of goodies!
My total was $3.58 for everything in this picture, but I found some problems on my receipt, so I hope to get a refund of around $2.3x!  There were a lot of great freebies this week!

Finally.....we made a trip to the mall (I'll try and post on that tomorrow) and since Target is in the mall, ran in to get some cheap Apple Juice.
We also went to Adams to get our Christmas Tree ( I'll try and post on that tomorrow, too!).
While we were there I picked up some more deals on produce!

-anticipated refund from Shoprite = $31.5x


Next week's sales at Shoprite seem mediocre so far and we don't have a lot of other needs, so I'm hoping to find some good sales at Adams on meat. If I had the room in my freezer I would buy a bulk 40lb bag of chicken breast, but it's a little too full for 40lbs of chicken!

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