Monday, December 21, 2009

The Generosity of Others

I was out running around trying to get a few last minute things done and hads the girls in tow.  One of our things "to do" was to drop some clothes to Goodwill.
I had a bad experience at Target, which I won't waste my breath on, but put me in a rather "bah humbug" mood.  We pulled to the back of Goodwill to donate and a man pulled up with a truck full of kids toys.  The woman working there took my clothes but said she couldn't take toys (not sure of the details).  I was suggesting the man take them to Happy Apple, another thrift store that I thought would take them.
He offered me anything I wanted.
I, being grateful and unashamed, took a Home Depot Tool Bench kit and a Camping Set.
His generosity made my day.  It was nice to receive the toys, but more than that he reminded me to not let the little things overwhelm me.  His offer lifted my spirits and for that I am most thankful.
There are so many obstacles and interactions in each and every day that can turn our mood sour, but there are also as many gifts that can lift our spirits.  I was reminded today to let the positive linger and the negative move on.

DD3 was so very excited with her new toys!  We stopped by hubby's office after this stop and she was so excited that she will be able to help next time he fixes something.

How cute is that Fire and see the marshmallows on the stick!

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Georgia said...

so sweet!!! nothing is better than being able to write a post about how someone gave to you or you gave to someone else. my friend and i started a new meme called give back thursdays. you should link this post up! they would love it!