Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Tip Day! Saving on Correspondence!

Nothing touches the heart like receiving a nice piece of mail.
In this age of email and texting, a handwritten letter is often a forgotten thing of the past.
Like most, I love the convenience of electronic communication, but I also cherish hand written letters sent via snail mail.  (And there are those select few for whom electronic communication is not an option!)
Things like Thank You notes are so much more touching via snail mail.
Ofcourse, there are the times when an email card or note is perfectly acceptable, but who doesn't love to run to the mailbox and find a nice Thank You card or a glittery Birthday Card!

Email is most often FREE, which the frugalista in me loves, but there are ways to send those notes on a budget!
1)  Consider your materials.
A coloring project can make for a nice card for a child's Thank You.
Blank Notecards purchased in multi-packs can serve for many occassions.
2)  If you decide to buy a special occassion card, consider where you purchase it.  Many stores offer 99c cent cards and the selection can be limited, but that doesn't mean you have to shell out $4.99 for a nice card.  Is there a discount card store nearby?  We're fortunate to have one right in town, where every card is 50% off and there are even some cards priced at 3/$1.  I like to make a list of special occassions for the next month or so and shop all at once.  Since the selection can be hit or miss, planning ahead is a great idea!
3) Don't rule out the postcard!
The postcard is a great way to send a quick "Hello" or even a "Thank You".
Postcards are also a great way to send invitations.
Having a big bash, make your own postcards!
Not only do postcards minimize waste (there's no envelope), but they also require less postage! 

What are the creative ways you save on correspondence?

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