Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shopping week 3/14/10-3/19/10------OVER BUDGET, but doing ok!

Well, if you remember I've been trying to stay within a $25/week budget through April 2nd.
I had done ok for the past two weeks and even had a few extra dollars left over to roll into this week, but I REALLY BLEW IT this week.  I had $28.04 to spend and spent $44.60!
Here are the pics of my blown up budget, but make sure to scroll to the bottom to see my plan to recover!
Aldi: $3.58
Family Dollar: $2.16

Adams: $4.58
CVS: $0.40
Freihoffers Bread Outlet: $3

Shoprite: $0.71

Shoprite: $10.78

Target: $0.11
Walgreens: $0.64

Shoprite: $3.33

Shoprite: $7.19
Stop & Shop: $7.37

Total spent = $44.60
Total Saved = $212.41
82% Savings!

So, since I went $16.56 over budget, my budget for next week will be $8.44!
I have $10 in Cats for Stop & Shop and $10 in Cats for Shoprite, so I really have a little more money in my budget than it initially appears.
The plan is to spend almost nothing on my stockpile unless it involves the Cats and to use the $8 to buy a little chicken breast, milk, and some veggies!  Let's see how far I can stretch that money!


Mandy said...

Wow... how amazing... I can't believe you got all that soooo cheap!!! Great job and I admire you for the low budget!!

Come Link Up to my blog!!

Noelle said...

Thanks, mandy!
I am grateful that I am able to keep it so low most of the time.
I'm also fortunate to have access to multiple computers for internet Qs, so that really helps when there is a good sale with IP match-up!

Lisa said...

That's a lot of groceries!

cait said...

Wow--look at that! Doesn't that just make you feel so great..awesome!